Saturday, February 28, 2009

Star signs

Today I've decided to start writing star signs. You know the kind of thing, you pick up a newspaper, turn to the zodiac page and scroll down until you find your star sign. You read three sentences - these may be based on carefully plotted astrological charts but I think that they're probably not.

Either way, it's a bit of fun. So I thought, in the interest of making the world more fun, I'd invent (make up, rabbit on, churn out) some star sign readings each week - who knows, maybe I'll be inspired and what I write is truly written in the stars and everyone benefits. So here goes.

People born under this star sign are constantly getting themselves into water - hot water, deep water (are you out of your depth right now?) or needing to take a cold shower. Today, see if you can swim against the tide and achieve something that you have long yearned for but have been too afraid to take the plunge.

Fish people are tugged in two directions (at least) and mostly at the same time. I know because I'm one. Don't be a cold fish today, try and enjoy the warmth that comes from giving to others. Be generous and don't expect anything in return - the Universe may have a surprise in store for you.

Aries people are always butting in, sometimes where they shouldn't. They also have a tendency to be a bit stubborn. Don't be a goat today. Try and see the other side to the story. You may not believe what you are hearing (or you may not want to believe what you are hearing) but suspend disbelief, don't jump in too soon. Then, if you are patient you just may learn something that truly surprises you.

Dear, stubborn old Taurus - where would the world be without Taureans? We can rely on you, right? You are the salt of the Earth and life just wouldn't be the same without you. It's true, so stop shaking your head at what you're reading. Just , for once, accept what is said at face value and accept that what is being said is real. You are the salt of the Earth and we couldn't do with out you.

The quicksilver twins, you certainly put some sparkle into any room you enter. Thank you, the world needs people like you. Sometimes, you find the razzamattazz too much, sometimes you'd just like to slip on a grey (gray) cardigan and blend into the wall paper. Sorry, you are too much of a star to blend into the background. Accept who you are and let the whole world see you shine.

You're not crabby - not at all. Just because you've got a tough exterior some people misunderstand you. That's OK but sometimes you wish that - just once - people would see past your armour and see the real you. Your wish is granted today. You will find your family and friends (and that special someone) will see you as you really are. Enjoy the sensation, next week it's business as usual.

Lionhearted, king of the jungle, brave as a lion - Leos have a lot to live up to. Usually, it's a piece of cake and you can tackle anyone, anything and stand your ground. This week, you're not feeling so brave, you've got a case of the self doubts. It's OK. Even the bravest have times when they feel uncertain. This week, it may be a case of less is more. A little less roaring about, a little less shaking that grand mane. Try sitting back and letting others make the noise. You'll be back on top next week.

You wear your heart on your sleeve, right? And from time to time it cops a knock and you feel bruised. Is that what's troubling you now or is it something deeper? Don't give up, don't get cynical. True happiness is just around the corner. You will find that very soon all your heart break has been worthwhile. You have a very special time coming to you.

So balanced and yet so wrong. How can it be that you, the level-headed one, have gone off track? Come on admit it. Yet are you so far off track? Could it be that what you have valued for so long isn't really what you are looking for? Could it be that you want a different life, love, work or relationships? Think, are you really living your life the way you imagined? If not, dream on - you have to start with a dream before you can make it a reality. Next week you will discover the road to true happiness starts where you least expect it.

You can't change your inner self, or so you've always claimed. It's easy to say: "I am what I am, and it's too late to change now." How old are you? It's never too late to change - whether you are seven or 70, you can decide (right now) to change for the better. To think before you speak, to act on a generous impulse, to bite your toungue instead of uttering criticism - try doing each of these things three times a day for a week and see what happens. You may be surprised, it could become a habit.

My Dad was a Sagittarian and a thrawn old article he was too, yet my sister born on the same day is loving and generous, kind and thoughtful and a stalwart human being. What are you? Have you found yourself falling into the trap of condemning too soon? Are you alienating the people who love you or are you gathering them to you like so many blessings? Star signs are just the beginning, life is what you make it. Choose wisely and you will find that your life will be as fulfilled as you've always wished.

Shoot for the stars, there's nothing to hold you back now - not if you really want to achieve everything in life that you've planned. You have all the tools you need, you have all the time in the world but you need to start now, this week. Don't miss the golden opportunity that is being held out to you now. What? You can't see it? Look again, look again.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A young man asked me

Yesterday a young man asked me what he could do about his inappropriate behaviour (I won't pass any remarks on what it was). Apart from telling him not to discuss such matters with a respectable woman, I told him that the Devil makes work for idle hands.

If you have too much time to think about things, the Devil will lead you astray. Go and help someone less fortunate than yourself - there's always someone out there who has less than you. Get and keep busy and soon you will find that your mind isn't turning to evil thoughts, you're too tired and get refreshing sleep instead of tossing and turning with bad dreams.
Try it.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How do you do?

I was born in 1894 and married at 21. I had six children and my husband died when the youngest was three. I raised them on my own, through the War and saw them grow up, get married or stay single, and leave home. I've had heartaches, I've been poor and I've lived a good life. If you need help or you're in trouble, maybe I can lend a hand. Let me know and I'll do what I can.